Hello there, you have a beautiful smile.

For my first post I’d want to let you guys know a little about me.

My name is Malvika (hence the ’em’ in the blog name), I am a Bombay girl, just turned 18. I am giving my 12th grade board exams *yes you can have a moment of silence for me* and I have one more paper to go till I am free bird *dances*.

I thought that I could wait for my boards to get over and then start posting, but I realised I do not have that kind of self control at all and was tempted to at least put up something here *guilty*

This blog is going to be about everything beauty, so I will be reviewing products, doing tutorials, talking about the cheapest and best out there, doing first impressions and things like that for teen age girls who are on a budget; well because so am I *embarrassed laugh*. And then I’ll talk about fashion trends, we’ll be doing easy and fun DIYs. Maybe give you wonderful people deep advises on life *imagining a halo on my head*. Whether you have acne or hair fall or head aches or suntans or rough skin or chipped nails or old annoying aunts or even a terrible stomach or you have absolutely nothing at all, I’ll have something up here for you.

And who knows, we could find the greatest friend in each other 😛
Well that’s all I can really think of at the moment. I am so so SO excited to get this going and to start posting here regularly. I promise to not disappoint you. Do not forget to put your email address down there and follow the blog! See you after my board examinations! Bye :*


(^My face)




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