REVIEW: Maybelline LipPolish (SHADE- Glam 13)

Maybelline, not very long ago launched a range of lip products and called it “Lip Polishes”. These babies almost immediately caught everyone’s attention and were quite a hit at the beauty stores. I would describe a Lip Polish as a highly pigmented lip-gloss.


Maybelline, to sell the product, said ‘For glossy, plump lips, choose Maybelline’s Lip Polish’ and so I did. I went to the store, got myself  the shade Glam 13, and here I am telling you whether I like these or not.


Do I like the product? Not with all my heart, to be honest.

So here is more:



Glam 13 is definitely a part of the neutrals in their collection. It is a daily-easy-to-wear shade, the kind suitable for office goers. It can be described as a subtle warm toned mauvy-pink, with very small golden shimmers in it. Now, I am the kind of girl who prefers a matte lip over a glossy one. I usually stay away from anything that has glitter particles in it. BUT this, I like. And yes, it does make your lips look more plump.



The gloss is creamy, not too thick, not too thin. It glides on easily and is very moisturising on the lips. The only problem I have faced however, is the fact that it is streaky on application. I wouldn’t say that it moves around on the lips, but when I put the gloss on, I have to work hard to get an even application. This also means that although the colour is very pigmented, but because it doesn’t apply evenly, it appears to be shear and the natural lip-colour can be seen at the streaky parts.


This product stays on for around two hours if untouched, which isn’t very impressive. The gloss doesn’t stain the lips as such, but leaves behind those small golden glitter particles I spoke of earlier. I am not a big fan of the glitter residue yet I must mention that the lips remain very very moisturised even after the product is all gone.

(I will be adding a picture of the gloss swatched on my lips here as soon as possible! 😅)


No fragrance! I got everyone in the house to figure out what this smells like and nobody could really catch any significant scent.


Why this product is good:

  • The Lip Polish packaging is of good quality. It is sturdy, travel friendly, and attractive too, which means it will look great on your vanity 💅
  • The variety of shades they offer are too tempting to resist. Some are in fact very unique and universally flattering.
  • The product is very moisturising. The lips stay soft and supple even after the gloss wears off.
  • Lip Polishes glide on super easily, they do not drag when applying
  • No fragrance
  • And lastly, the product sells at a fairly competitive price of Rs.450 ($7.20) which is a great benefit

How this product can be better:

  • I found the gloss very hard to work with. The application is streaky which leaves patches of the natural lip showing. I had to spend some time getting the colour to look even.

  • The Lip Polishes do not have the most impressive lasting power, they last for 2 hours at the most if left untouched
  • The golden shimmer residue is extremely unflattering, which may be a personal preference

Now don’t get me wrong, while it sounds like Maybelline Lip Polishes aren’t my favourite, I do actually reach out for this one quite often, as it flatters the lip very well. It is their range of colours that I do really love. And it is these colours that would make me purchase Lip Polishes again.

Final rating: 3.5/5

I hope you found this review helpful. I am a new blogger, and so if there is any constructive feedback to be given, please do so. Your suggestions and feedback will help me make this blog better. Do not forget to follow the blog for more reviews, make up and beauty related posts.

Disclaimer: The observation and experiences stated above are all mine, and yours may differ.



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