Dealing with Hair fall and my story:

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be about hair fall and dealing with it. I will be sharing my experience and products that helped me. 💁

I suffered from some sever hair fall and found that nothing but hair oil, helped me. The whole point of this post is to emphasise on the importance of hair oiling which I neglected for so long. If you have been through hair fall, you would know how mentally painful it is to see so much of your hair go. Most people these days ignore hair oiling as a solution. I did too at a point of time, which I regret now.

As precaution is always better than cure, I urge you, like an old grandmother 👵, to apply hair oil. It has benefits like keeping your hair soft and shiny and frizz free and what not. So give it a try 😛

Now time for my story: 💇

I always had very big voluminous hair, until two years ago I started experiencing hair fall. I started losing a lot of hair at a rapid rate, and would find strands of hair all over the house. image My hair went from that 👆to that 👇 image I tried everything from hair creams to medicines to shampoos to revitalisers and what not! It frustrated me that I could do nothing about it because NOTHING seemed to work.

Until one day….. my mother, enlightened me on the benefits of applying hair oil. 😇 Moms are just cool like that, they always know what to do. So there you go, I started applying hair oil.


I did start by using the Indian staple, Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair Oil. (Rs. 135/-)Which did not immediately bring any results, but after 3 weeks of using I did see a slight change in the amount of hair I was losing. So I can see that product helping me in the long run, but nothing immediate.


As I was impatient, I switched to a hair oil specifically designed to target hair fall. Scalp Therapy by Parachute (Rs. 245/-). This oil promised significant reduction in hair fall within 7 weeks. This product I have to say, worked very well, and I noticed that my hair did not fall as much during my hair washes, which was great.


I was very satisfied with The scalp therapy hair oil, and would have kept using it. Till a friend of mine suggested the Richfeel hair care range. (If you are not familiar with Richfeel, it is a consulting clinic in India for hair and skin care.) She was kind enough to get me a bottle to try and I did. THIS OIL WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE. I noticed a drop in hair fall right from the first application and now my hair fall has become almost negligible all thanks to this hair oil.


They have a variety of hair oils you can order online or purchase from their outlets. The one I used was Richfeel Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil (Rs. 585/-) I mixed that with a Concentrated “Nourisher/ Tonic” (approximately Rs. 800, i do not have the bottle as it is mixed in the hair oil) from the same company.

I swear by the hair oil, and earnestly recommend it, it brings instant results. So there you go, those were the products I used. Of course I did continue using my regular shampoo and conditioner.

My hair is healthy again, and looks close to normal 😎

I hope you found this helpful. I am a new blogger, and so if there is any constructive feedback to be given, please do so. Your suggestions and feedback will help me make this blog better. Do not forget to follow the blog for more reviews, make up, beauty and lifestyle related posts. image



  1. Hello, Malvika.
    I am suffering from a SEVERE (and I mean it) hair fall. Some say it is because of the weather and some that it is happening because of lack of nutritious diet. I am sure about the latter, though.
    To stop my hair from falling any further, I bought castor oil from Aloe Veda, which had good reviews; however, the oil did not work, instead my hair started to fall with a much faster rate. Like you mentioned that you were seeing hair all over the house, same is the case with me. I cannot leave my hair open, because they fall every time, and I loathe the feeling.
    I then googled to check for what reasons castor oil doesn’t work, because before applying I researched a lot and I did not find anywhere where it said that castor oil may not work or worse, will increase the hair fall.
    Since then, I have stopped oiling my hair, it’s been 2 weeks.
    Are you sure this Richfeel product will help? Is it necessary to mix it with other oil?
    I mixed castor oil with olive oil as mentioned, now I act like a risk averse person who is not for an experiment.
    I had long hair and because of hair fall, I had to cut them short. I would be really grateful if you can help me out.


    1. Hi Kritika,
      I completely understand what you are going through, and I hope what I am about to say helps! I completely stand by hair oiling, it has helped me a lot. You can probably tell by the pictures, I had lost half of my hair. When I started oiling my hair initially, like you, rather than seeing positive change, my hairfall increased. But because of my mother’s insistence I continued with the oiling, and I’ll say I am glad I did. I don’t know the reason behind this, but I see it as the weak hair strands falling, to make way for heaktheir ones.
      As for Richfeel in particular, I would say forget about the hair oil, and only buy their ‘Hair Nourisher.’ This is a concentrated mix of ingredients that intensely nourish and feed your scalp to increase hair growth. You take this and dab it (not massage) on to your scalp and wash it off the next day! Apply it every alternate day, and this really helps. I do HIGHLY recommend this! I know this is availble on You’ll have to be a little patient with this, but you will soon start seeing new hair growth all over!
      I really hope this works for you! Please do let me know if anything else, I’d be happy to help!

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        1. The nourisher is not an oil, it is a watery substance.
          I did try to Google, but as you said, castor oil has worked for most. Not a single person has complained about it not working 😶
          Oh that’s not a problem at all, I am happy to help. 🙂

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  2. I have always been so lazy when it comes to oiling my hair but my sister swears by the parachute advanced thingy. I will try to get my hands on the Richfeel one soon. Thank you so much for the heads up! ❤

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  3. Wonderful post! And as someone with a lot of hair, I appreciate you touching on this topic. I’ve had my own struggles with hair fall. Thanks so much for the recommendations with accompanying product reviews!

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  4. I’ve had a similar problem over the last year or so, not as drastic as yours, but still noticeable for my already too thin hair. Luckily for me, all I had to do was change shampoo/conditioner. Great blog post!

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