How to thread your own Eyebrows:

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Before I started doing my eyebrows, my dad’s genes gifted me his monobrow. I had thick bushy eyebrows which were quite difficult to work with. Having a monobrow means you cannot go more than three days without doing your brows. Else you end up looking like a woman with green sketch pen marks in the area between the brows. So the only way out was to learn doing my eyebrows myself. Mother dear taught me how to do that, and today, I will be imparting that knowledge to you.

The benefits of knowing how to do your own eyebrows:

  • You can control the shape and thickness – nobody (but you) can mess your brows now
  • It is free – you obviously do not charge yourself
  • You can do your brows as often as you want – no waiting to go the salon

You will need:

1. A good quality eyebrow thread


I am using this one by Bella.

2. Your hands – I am using my own (I am funny, I know I know)

Once you have the above, lets get started:


Take approximately 56 cm of thread and tie the ends to form a closed circle, like so:



Hold the thread with both your hands, in the following way:


STEP 3: 

Next, using your fingers cross one thread over another.


STEP 4: 

Keep twisting the thread in the same direction. Do this till the twisted part in the center becomes an inch long.




Now observe the picture above carefully.

The first part shows how I am using the index finger and thumb of my left hand to expand that section. This movement has shifted the tight twisted part of the thread towards my right hand, making the right section smaller.

The second part shows how I am doing exactly the same movement with my right hand and making the left section smaller.

This entire step is important to understand. The way threading works is that it grips the strand(s) of hair into the twist, and on our movement of the twist to either sides, the hair gets pulled along.

I’ll explain more of this in the next step.


Before reading this, promise me you won’t laugh. Promise? Okay.

To demonstrate how exactly this works, I decided to use my hairbrush. Each bristle represents a strand of hair. You promised remember?


With threading, you can pull one strand of hair, or an entire line. For a beginner, I would suggest just do one at a time, and then once you get the hang of it, go for the entire line.

The picture above shows me choosing the strand of hair I want out. Once you’ve made your mind, you want to place the thread in such a way that it pulls the hair strand in the opposite direction of its growth, when you move the twist.

The circle is my target.


I’ll explain the above better here-


In the first part, the right section is small and the left is bigger. I want to pull the strand in the left direction, so the left side will be bigger. The left side will also be the side in which the hair strand will be gripped.

The second part shows my movement of the twist. Using the thumb and index finger of the right hand, I expand that side. this moves the twist towards the left, gripping and pulling the hair in that direction.

AND TADA! You just threaded your first hair strand!

I know it is a little confusing, but if you read this while actually working with the thread, you will understand better. I hope I did justice to the tutorial and could help you. I promise you, this is not as difficult as it sounds, in fact it is very easy.

Thats it for today!



36 thoughts on “How to thread your own Eyebrows:

  1. I’ve been practicing the threading method on my legs! I am having trouble with the thread raking the skin on my fingers. I know I am doing something wrong…practice more! Great post! Thank you for posting. Koko 😉

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  2. I have to admit, doing your own eyebrows sounds pretty damn badass. I’ve quite manageable eyebrows mostly so I can go for around 2-3 weeks without having to step into the salon. Hats off to you for learning how to do it in the first place (seems like an acquired skill) and then managing your eyebrows yourself. Your brow game is ‘on point’ as the kids say! I’ve been meaning to ask, do you have a Twitter/Instagram where I can follow you? 🙂

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  3. Hi,
    Hope your well Malkiva!

    I do this trick and it was painful and I used to tear up.

    I have found a solution though so I thought I’d share. Putting baby powder on your face beforehand helps as it makes it softer and easier for the thread to glide through if that makes sense lol! So I hope this helps.

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    1. Oh that is such a good tip! Ladies in the salon do it all the time. I am sure this will help those out there who have a similar problem. 😊
      Thank you 💕


  4. You are so lucky to have thick eyebrows! That means you’ll be able to shape them to whatever shape you like, and they’re dark! My eyebrows are rubbish, really thin and pretty light, also they don’t shape well at all, I can’t shape them and my beautician says there is nothing for them to work with, they also don’t look good drawn on!!! It’s rubbish, you are so lucky! But I only have to pluck mine about once every two months 😂😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to hate my eyebrows because they were so big 😅
      But I guess there are pros and cons to every side. For example, you can go without doing your eyebrows for over two months, and me, not more than 3 days 😂

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  5. I totally agree .. I hav been threading my eyebrows myself from past 4 years, my only problem is, my skin above my lid is veryyy thin and sensitive, I end up tearing my skin while threading. 😦 I need to find a way to make my supple skin a fleshy !

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  6. What a fab tutorial Em!! If I wasn’t so terrified of pain I’d give it a go, I’ve a fear I’ll rip the lot out *sigh* lol Thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen the technique behind this before 🙂 Karen xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Karen 💕
      I can understand that fear, I had it too 😅
      But the way around it is, you can practice the technique on your forehead, and once you’ve mastered it, maybe move closer to the eyebrow? I mean it is worth a try 😛
      And no problem, I actually enjoyed making this post 😊
      Thank you again 😃

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      1. Ooh absolutely!! I really would love to give it a go… it looks so intriguing and no doubt much better than plucking!!!! Glad you enjoyed making the post as much as I did reading, it was fantastic 🙂 XXX

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