How I deal with crazy Hair

I do not know how to emphasise enough on the fact that my hair is crazy. There are three things that give rise to this craziness:

  1. I have loads of hair – I am not complaining about this, just saying it adds to the craziness
  2. My hair texture is not the most cooperating. I have two hair textures I’ve noticed. Weird, I know. The hair which frames the face is straight and easy to tame, that’s one. Then there is hair at the back which goes absolutely nuts with all the waviness and frizziness, that’s two. Is that only with me, or do you have two types as well? 
  3. I LIVE IN MUMBAI – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Humidity = Hermione hair.

She still manages to look adorable.

But then having lived for 18 years on this planet, I have learned two ways which have definitely changed the way my hair looks and feels. So I decided to make a short post talking about these two. As they have done so well for me, they are likely to be of use to others too 😛

They are:

1. Haircut

I know I have wavy hair. So if I cut my hair short, or get shorter layers done, they will have less weight. This means are likely to stand up and not stay flat or look smooth. As compared to having long hair, which will weigh the hair down in a good way, keeping them from standing up and looking big and frizzy.

See what I mean? As her hair is on the shorter side, it is standing up and not looking as good. So I would recommend avoiding shorter haircuts if you have big, wavy hair.

2. Taming it

My favourite way to tame my hair, without using heat, is by braiding it. When my hair is still half wet after a wash, I like to apply hair serum and then french braid it. This. Trust me. Is LIFE SAVING. It leaves my hair with loose waves which look healthy and shiny.

The serum I use and love is the Matrix Biolace Deep Smoothing Serum.


This is something people with not-big-hair can also do, it’s a great way to achieve those beachy waves. Then you can pretend to be Blake Lively. 

These changes may seem small, but gosh they work!

That is what my hair looks like after taking the braid off:


(The length of my hair is funnily behind my back. But you get the point right? The fall and the shine, it is all because of the braiding.)

Soooooo, that’s it for today!

Hope you found this helpful! ❤




  1. I feel your crazy hair struggle! I used to have layers as well which was just a nightmare. I love twisting my hair into a bun just after I’ve blow-dried it so it settles the frizz down and ends up looking all wavy! xoxo

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  2. Yeah – I’ve got this “two textures” problem too ! It’s so damn annoying!!!! Thanks a ton for the tips – I know i’ll find it useful coz trust me, I hate it the way my hair turns out at most of the times – you’ve really solved a big problem for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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