Em’s Essentials: Office Edition

Morning (its past midnight, so technically its morning)! Today’s post will be the first post under the series ‘Em’s Essentials.’ I have explained the entire theme and reason behind this series here, so you can go check that out! I will be kick starting the series with the Office Edition.

So working women, pay attention!

(Warning: This may be the longest post I’ve ever written!)

Wardrobe essentials

Working women should know their colours and cuts. While they have to look formal and presentable, they still must stay true to their own personal style. The one thing I have noticed is that most women in the corporate world dress exactly the same. They all look like long-lost sisters. And while there is nothing majorly wrong with that, I feel it does nothing to add to your character. You still can tuck that blouse into a pencil skirt and add a belt, but bring a little twist to it by adding something that is your own.

These items are what I feel every working woman should own:

1. White Shirt

This I shouldn’t have to tell you. You don’t really have to stick to white, to be honest. That’s just a classic, it always looks good. You can go for nudes, pastels, greys, purple I think is a very strong colour. It screams confidence. Just make sure the cut it flattering.

2. Printed Blouse

A blouse makes prints easier to play with. Polka dots, floral, stripes, plaid, whatever it is. When teamed with flat coloured trousers or a pencil skirt, it keeps things fun yet work appropriate.

3. Plain Tank Top

These do well under blazers with some good chunky accessories. They create a good base for anything really. Something like in the picture below, of course minus the demin.

4. A well fitted Blazer

You know you aren’t a working woman till you own a blazer right? You can really have fun with this piece. You can throw a blazer on top of anything and make it look formal. On top of a dress, jumpsuit, skirt, denim, anything. They come in different cuts, lengths, sizes, colours and prints. Came across this new “boyfriend blazer” trend recently, which essentially are over sized blazers. JUST PLAY WITH THIS ITEM.

5. Pairs of Grey/Navy Blue/ Black Trousers

Flared or fitted, these are a staple.

6. Pencil skirt

Knee length pencil skirts. Owning one these automatically makes you look as hot as Sandra Bullocks did in The Proposal.

7. Palazzo pants

Most may disagree or think otherwise, but these if styled correctly, as in the image below; look formal yet trendy.

8. Pant suits

I can say for sure that 75% of the people reading this, do not own a pant suit for work. And I also know you have no valid excuse for not having one in your wardrobe. Yeah, I am talking to you. Yes, YOU. Go, get off that soft (now warm) sofa, and buy yourself one of these. Ladies…….this is one thing you ought to have.

9. Dresses

I won’t bother typing much for this. You just have to have this essential.

10. A tan/black tote that goes with everything

A huge structured tote finishes all of those looks mentioned above.

11. Pointed heels

So while all other heel kinds look fine, the pointed toe heels look the best. They look very put together and classy you know.

12. Wedges

You can’t always kill those feet, so get yourself some basic colour wedges for those tiring days.

13. Accessories to match your personality

Makeup Essentials

Makeup depends on where you work. Some places require it, some places don’t. I would recommend the following if you are going for a simple, yet put together look:

1. Concealer/ BB cream

If you do have flawless skin already, use the concealer only where really required. Else, use the BB cream, if you are looking at evening out the skin tone.

2. Eyebrow Pencil/ Powder/ Wax

This is the simplest way to bring definition to your face. Well filled eyebrows make the face look neater. Most Indian women feel they have darker hair and so they do not need to fill their brows. However, the point of filling in those brows is to cover up the area between the hair, than making it darker. So try this out once, and see the difference it makes.

3. Mascara

Enough said.

4. Blush

This adds that little colour to your face to complete the look.

That isΒ all I have to say for today, hope you found this helpful! It was super long, I know, so if you got to the end, thank you XD



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    1. Hey Soumi! Thank you πŸ™‚
      I use multiple editing applications. I do all the photograph editing on my phone, so I keep experimenting with the apps on play store, it’s always a new one! I don’t remember which one I used for this feature image, but the ones I have been using lately are Font Studio and Photo Editor Ultimate. They’re really good πŸ˜›
      I hope this helps!

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