Em’s Essentials: College Edition

Hellooooo! Before I say anything else, let me update you a little: I DROVE A CAR :3

Well not really, but I did. The guy teaching me, he was driving the car and I was sitting on the driver’s seat pretending to do the same. But that will change, this was my first lesson. I was driving at a speed slow enough for an old man walking to overtake me, but the guy teaching me said: ‘isse hi confidence aayega’, so I said ‘thik hai’ and put a little pressure on the accelerator, he he.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. This post will be addressing those college going women who want to take on a style which is fun and yet parent approved.

Wardrobe Essentials:

Only rules are: have fun, be comfortable and don’t let your parents complain about what you wear (last one is the most important)

1. Tank tops and Camis

Get as many of these as you can. Loose ones, tight ones, floral ones, ones with frills, plain ones, coloured ones. These are your best friend.  You can layer these with a few pieces I’ll be talking about next or you can wear these on their own. This tank top here, is gorgeous.

2. Loose Baggy T-shirts

This is for those days when you can’t be bothered about how you look. So take a baggy t-shirt, loosely tuck it into some jeans and wear a messy bun. Leave the house with a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go!

3. Shirts ( Plaid and Denim )

If I could have only ONE of all these essentials, this would be it. These can be worn on their own, on top of tank tops, can be tied around the waist too. One thing I like to do is knot the bottom ends, this makes the look slightly edgy.

4. Crop Tops

Paired with high rise bottoms these look great. I bet Forever 21 manufactures 50% of the world’s crop tops, they seem to nothing else these days :/

I like to wear my crop tops with high waist denim and a kimono, which brings us to the next essential:

5. Kimonos

This new fad has really caught my attention. I love how they look effortlessly chic. Wear this with a cami inside and it will go with everything from shorts to skirts to jeans. You get these in plain colours as well as in prints.

6. Jackets/Shrugs

Thee work in the same way Kimono’s do. Layer them on top of plain outfits and it will look like you put some effort in dressing up that day. Denim jackets are a must. I love grey shrugs too. You can always keep adding to your collection.

7. Skinny jeans

Duh? Ripped skinny jeans though ❤

8. Leggings/ Jeggings 

These are a more comfortable option. But you get so many trendier options, for instance ones with faux leather side panels, they look great with almost anything on top.

9. Flared cotton pants

You wear this when you feel like wearing nothing at all. Loose, flowy with an oversized t-shirt knotted at the bottom. Accessorize this look with some silver arm candy, and you’d be rocking an almost bohemian look.

10. Dresses

Not explaining this one :/

11. Scarves/stoles

Just look at Gomez, not Bieber.

There are so many ways to wear scarves, so many tutorials online showing how to make that length of cloth look fabulous around your neck. I learnt recently how to make dresses out of scarves, which is absolutely crazy, but Dolly (Click here to visit her blog, she is AMAZING) makes it look super easy!

12. Cute Backpack

So much easier to handle than handbags, aren’t they?

13. Sling bag

Aside from being very convenient, these do a lot to add to a look.

14. Flip flops

I live in flip flops, you should too, they are very comfy. XD

15. Flats that can be worn literally everywhere 

Can’t wear heels at college all day can you? Your feet will hate you. Be kind to them.

Makeup Essentials:

1. Mascara

This is going to an essential in every edition. Sorry.

2. Tinted Lip balm

Gives you some colour without screaming: LIPSTICK

3. Eyeliner 

Oh you can go crazy with these! Black, blue, green, purple, white, any colour. Line the waterline, or the inner corner. you can even wing this out. Once you learn how to make this work, you can change the way your entire outfit looks.

That’s it for today! I hope you found this helpful ❤


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  1. Dolly says:

    Loved the whole article! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Malvika says:

      Thank you 😛


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