Super easy Coffee Lip Scrub

Super easy Coffee Lip Scrub

It’s been soooooooooooooooo long, I am pretty sure everyone missed me B)

Lip scrubs have been this massive trend lately. On a couple of blogs I came across the SkinFood Green Coffee Lip Scrub, which is a lip scrub in a traditional lipstick container. I found this very fascinating and wanted to make some myself. I have never tried a lip scrub before, but have seen so many videos on YouTube which show how you can make some yourself at home.

So I know a few basics:

1. You need something granular, which will act as the exfoliator. Salt and sugar are the most common ‘granular’ ingredients. You can find so many other items in the kitchen that way which satisfy this criteria. Coffee for instance is a great substitute.

2. You need something nourishing and moisturizing. Honey, coconut oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly, or even your favourite lip balm, all of these are great. They not only bind the granular ingredient but also moisturizeย your lips.

Once you know this, you can combine two or more of these combinations and make your own lip scrub at home. The ingredients I chose are:


After mixing this, I transferred the mixture into a container. Make sure that the scrub is not runny at all, it should be dry and look something like this:

B612-2015-06-11-17-17-34 B612-2015-06-11-17-17-47

To use this, take some between your fingertips and rub it on your lips for a few seconds and then wash the mixture off. You will notice healthier looking, smoother lips. They should feel moisturizedย too.

And that’s it! You can really mix up the ingredients and be creative with your lip scrub.

Hope you found this helpful! Don’t forget to follow this blog :*

However if you’re too lazy to make this at home, CLICK HERE to look at lip scrub options available online.



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