REVIEW: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush

Colorbar Blusher Review, REVIEW: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush, Bronzing glaze, packaging

I don’t really have a thing for blushes, it could be because I’ve haven’t used any long enough to keep wanting and trying more OR it could be because I fail to understand why somebody would want something on their cheeks, which implies that they are blushing when they really aren’t. Which means I have VERY LITTLE knowledge on this makeup category. It also means that the following review is going to be in very simple words, just exactly what I think about this blush.

Basics first.

Name: Colobar Cheek Illusion Blush


Price: Rs. 650 for 4g


To buy this blush online (from Amazon), click on the link below:
Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush, Coral Craving





This shade is called Bronzing glaze. This is the most not-pink blush I found on their counter, which let me tell you, they have really good shades, I loved all of them. But I wanted a colour which would act as a bronzer too, it only made sense to buy ‘Bronzing glaze’. The shade is more on the orange side and I think would suit a lot of people, especially those with a much deeper complexion, this will look greattt. This shade has ‘glitter’ in it I am not sure if that’s the correct term to use. The point is, it is not matte. So it doubles up as a highlighter too. It gives a healthy glow to the cheeks. No complains whatsoever with the colour and the way it looks.



The plastic packaging is of good quality, quite sturdy. Its not too chunky either, sleek, easy to carry around. I don’t really know what else to say about this, let’s just conclude: it’s good.


Well well Colorbar, why did you disappoint people here? WHY? No really, why? From beauty videos online, I’ve come to understand that blushes in general are the first thing to fade from the face. But I also know that an average blush should last around 3 hours. This one, 1 – 1 1/2 hour, and it is GONE.  Maybe it’s just with me, who knows? But I’ll be honest, I don’t even need it on for any longer. So the staying power for somebody like me, will not be an issue.


I like this blush. It is not terrible at all, no. I love this particular shade. Lasting power may be a problem for some. Since I don’t need it, it isn’t for me. In theory, yes I will buy this again. But in real, I’ll probably try another brand?

I rate this blush at 4/5.

Anddddd that’s it for today, hope you found this review helpful ❤



11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush

  1. This is a beautiful shade! For anyone who lives in the UK (and wears blush like myself, because it brightens my pale freckly complexion) Natural Collection which is a boots own brand does some gorgeous blushes, gorgeous shades and REALLY nice and creamy.

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    1. Haha, I was kidding about the ‘don’t get the point of people wearing blushes’, I get why you wear them 😅😂
      And thank you for recommending that brand, it shall help many 💁

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