Why Bio-Oil is Amazing:

Bio-Oil, uses, review, before, after

I WAS MISSING FOR FIVE MONTHS! DID ANYBODY CARE AT ALL?! No, I know you didn’t. But I missed WordPress so much!

A lot has happened in this brief period. I joined design school. Which is mainly the reason I did not find the time to add to the blog. But recently, the school decided to allow us to have a social life, and life that is not finishing assignments all night.  This I thought would be a good time to get back to blogging!

In this time period, I also decided to change the url of this blog and now it is: malvikasessentials.wordpress.com Let’s agree, this sounds much better than ’emsbeautystudy’. Don’t laugh. 

Alrightyyy now to what this post is about.


What is Bio-Oil?

It is well, an oil, with active ingredients that initiate repair in the skin. Bio-oil is largely used by those with scars and stretch marks and aging skin and blah blah blah. But in my opinion, literally anyone who wants to make their skin look amazing can use it.

Here are images of its outer packaging, what the bottle itself looks like, what the ingredients are, claims etc.


Mine is a 60 ml bottle, which costs Rs.450 that is around 6 to 7 Dollars. I do know you get it in different sizes as well, 60 ml is the smallest packaging and then you have the 125 ml one and biggest is 200 ml.  I usually buy Bio-Oil online, as most sites usually have some sort of discounts going on, so you always get a better deal online.  I also know that this oil is not only available online, but in general and medical stores too. So you can buy this over the counter.

If you want to buy the oil online, here’s a link:

Bio-Oil, 60ml


As far as the bottle is concerned, it is easy to use. One squeeze, you get one drop. This is convenient as you don’t need more than 2-3 drops per application (for the face).  The also means that one bottle can last you anywhere between one and a half to two months, that is if used daily, which is an amazing deal for Rs.450!

The claims read that if applied twice daily for a minimum of three months, one will notice quite a difference in the visual appearance as well as the texture of the skin.

My experience:

Its been over three months since I started using this oil and for me this claim stands true.

My skin, to begin with, was never in a terrible state. I did have a few acne scars here and there and that was pretty much it. I started using this oil once a day, that is before sleeping at night. I wash my face, pat it dry and massage the oil into the skin.

The oil is clear and thin in consistency. What I like the most about it is the fact that it gets absorbed into the skin very easily, so you can apply it in the morning too.

I don’t think you can even tell there is oil rubbed on top my mom’s hand.

I started seeing major changes only after say 15 days. I could see that the acne scars were probably a shade lighter, and my dark circles weren’t as dark anymore. But more subtle changes appeared within 4-5 days of use. For example, my skin just felt better, softer. It was definitely more moisturized and because of this it did not look dead anymore, had a glow to it.

Now, it’s been three months, maybe more, the health of my skin has improved tremendously. My acne scars have become 3-4 shades lighter. In fact, you can’t even see them from a distance. Which is amazing, no cream or treatment has ever done that for me before. My skin looks more smooth and clear. I must say though that I still get boils once in a while. This oil doesn’t promise to do away with acne and it doesn’t. So if you’re thinking, “oh maybe this will cure my skin of acne!” No, it wont. It will just clear your skin later.

Here are before after images, they aren’t very clear, but you can tell the skin looks clearer in the second image.

So those are my thoughts on Bio-Oil. I’d definitely recommend it! It is one of those good products that has no side effects, it just does good. If anything, I would say you have to be patient to see the results.

Annnnddd that’s it for today. Hope you found this helpful!




7 thoughts on “Why Bio-Oil is Amazing:

    1. Heeyyyyy! I know, I am sorry! Thank you so much :’) You’re one my favourite too, not kidding 😀
      I’ll promise to be as consistent as possible!
      Ps. Aren’t you loving Zalfie vlogmas already?!

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  1. I’ve been here darling! Waiting for a notification to pop up saying you have posted. Even nominated you for a couple of awards! WELCOME BACK!!! I was like, “Em’s Essential” posted????? Yeay, Malvika’s back!

    Looking forward to more from you!

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