DIY: Lighten Your Hair at Home

Lighten Your Hair At Home Using Honey and Cinnamon

Hello, it’s me, I was wondering (ADELE IS AMAZING) if you’d like to know how to lighten the colour of your hair at home?

You said yes? Yeah? Good! Because who wants bleach in their hair right-?! Not me. (I actually do, my parents just won’t allow me.) So while I was wasting my time on YouTube a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a series of videos showing how you could use things you have at home to lighten your hair. There are many ways, and each way has multiple versions. One, for example was applying lemon juice on your strands and standing in the sun for two hours. Which is crazy.

So I tried to understand the logic behind using the different ingredients mentioned in a lot of these recipes. And I learnt that all of them had a decent amount of Hydroperoxide, which acts like a natural bleach.


Here is the recipe I followed:


Honey 4 tbs

Hair Conditioner 2 tbs

Cinnamon 1 tbs

Coffee 1/2 tbs

*Keep in mind to increase or decrease quantities of each of these based on the thickness and length of your hair you want to cover.


Honey and cinnamon both have a high level of Hydroperoxide and honey and the hair conditioner deep condition your hair. I put coffee in there just for the sake of colour, it is optional. Olive oil is another ingredient with hydroperoxide, you can use that instead of the conditioner or even add it to this recipe.

After mixing, if you feel that the paste is too thick, feel free to add a tiny bit of water.

How to use this paste:

Apply this paste using your fingers to washed, dry hair. You can choose to apply this just to ends for an ombre effect or the entire length.

I will warn you that this is a messy process, so do keep a towel around your shoulders and wear an old tee you do not care about.

How long do you keep this mixture on for:

For longer than 2 hours. The longer the better. The lighter (colour wise) and softer your hair will be, since this is a very moisturizing hair pack. I kept mine for an entire night, I slept with a shower cap on.

Rinse this with warm water first and then shampoo and condition as you always do.

My experience:

I have dark dark hair. I kept this pack on for around 8 hours, and washed it off in the morning. I focused this mixture towards the ends of my hair, not the entire length. I know that as this is a very mild method, a very slow process, and so you will not see black to brown hair in one treatment. The little amount of research that I did do, most people have used this method 4-5 times to see a noticeable difference.

For me, you can see the slightest amount of change. But it is so little that my phone camera won’t catch it.  So you can’t really differentiate between the before- after images I clicked for this post (therefore I found no point in uploading them) However, there definitly IS a change in colour for sure, it is a deep deep brown now.

Texture wise, my hair felt very soft. It was shiny and bouncy too, since this pack had harmless ingredients.

So for me, this treatment works. I think this will work even better for those with lighter hair than mine. Say you’re going from brown to light brown-dusty blonde, I think this will work faster for you.

I do plan on doing this again next month and maybe make an update post, using those before- after pictures I have!

Let me know if you’ve used other methods or tried this treatment and what you thought about it, in comments below!

Aaaaaannnnnddd, that’s it for today. Hope you found this helpful.



9 thoughts on “DIY: Lighten Your Hair at Home

  1. i’ve actually tried this (not this exact recipe, but the lightening without bleach) before and my biggest tip for noticeable results is to mix lemon juice, honey and water and spray it into your hair in the morning, then the sun will just be on it throughout the day x

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