Honest Dubai Trip Review

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Today’s post is going to be slightly different. Very recently I visited Dubai. I really enjoyed this trip. But I enjoyed it more because of the people I was with, than because of all the places we visited.

The main aim of this post is to help anyone planning a trip to Dubai, give you honest reviews and recommend better places to visit, so that you have a well spent holiday!

I live in Mumbai so tall buildings, beaches, malls and luxury hotels DO NOT fascinate me. Throw in some better roads, some sand and maybe a Burj Khalifa and there you go, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference between the Mumbai and Dubai. My idea of visiting another place is seeing and experiencing something that is unique to that area. We totally regret blindly following the ‘Dubai MUST VISIT ‘ on Google because all we saw was a well developed city. Nothing new.

A lot of the ‘must visit’ in Dubai, aren’t really worth visiting. Dubai is an expensive city and so to spend not only time but also money on something you’ve already seen or experienced doesn’t make sense. The hype created around some of these places is completely unnecessary.

This post will have: a list of places you shouldn’t waste your time visiting, a list of places you MUST visit and lastly a few general tips that should help you choose where to stay, how to travel and more.




Dessert Safari 

I know Dubai is a desert and that ideally when you visit a desert, a desert safari is a must. That’s what I though too. But I was wrong.

The kind of Desert Safari you picture in your head is nothing close to what companies offer. Regardless of which company you choose, no matter what they promise, literally all of them have the exact same camp set ups scattered on the same desert patch.

What is Included:

  • Dune driving – Which lasts only 7-8 minutes
  • Dance shows – A total of 2 shows which together get over in 20 minutes
  • BBQ – Which was cold, tasteless and did not suffice the entire crowd, my father for example did not get enough to satisfy his hunger
  • Hookah
  • Camel Ride – Because the company bus was 3 hours late to pick us up, it was dark by the time we reached the camp and so did not get a chance to ride on the camels
  • Soft drinks and water – They refused to give us cold drinks post 9 pm, despite having cartons filled behind the tables, in order to get us out of the camp
  • Tea and coffee – Liars, there was no tea or coffee
  • Snacks upon arrival at the camp – We don’t know, because they dropped us so late, we could not avail half the benefits we paid for

The company we went through is called Orion, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. However if you must must go, I would suggest Arabian Adventures, based on the reviews I read online. I did the research for you, you’re welcome.

Burj Khalifa 

Don’t kill me, calm down. Firstly, lets simply put into words what Burj Khalifa is: just a really tall building. What do you do at Burj Khalifa? Nothing, just stare at buildings, sand and roads from a height. You really want to pay 125 Dirhams (around Rs. 2300) per person just to climb an elevator? NO, that’s stupidity. We did think that it would be a once in a life time experience to view all of Dubai from that height, but no it wasn’t. I didn’t come out fascinated or satisfied after our viewing session. You’ve been on tall buildings and looked out the window, you know what it feels like! This one is slightly taller, that’s it. I still have no idea why we did it.

(Keep in mind I am not including any malls in this list)




I’ll simply be listing the names of the places not explaining what they are. Google will help you with that. I did have pleasant experiences at these places and found all of them worth visiting. There are a couple towards the end that I haven’t personally visited, but I’ve put them in based on reviews given by close friends and family members.

Atlantis Aquaventure / Wild Wadi Water Park 

I have only been to Aquaventure, but based on what I’ve read and heard, they are very similar. Wild Wadi Water park is much cheaper but Aquaventure has more rides, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Regardless, you will enjoy your day at both.


The Dolphin show is definitely one of my fondest memories of Dubai. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Grand Mosque 

Ferrari World 

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Creek

Dhao Cruise


Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai

Global Village  

This attraction is seasonal. It is open to public between the months of November and March.



  • As for where to live, please do stick to the city. Do not be tempted to stay at places like the Jumeirah Beach, we did that and found travelling extremely time consuming and costly.
  • It will be helpful if you get your hands on a booklet called Entertainment. It has offers and discounts for major attractions, diners and hotels.
  • Booking tourists attractions weeks before hand will give you much better deals and will avoid all the trouble when you reach there.
  • If you do want to indulge in shopping, try Dragon Mart. They have better deals on most items.


I hope this helps you to plan your trip to Dubai!

Also, I found this book here on Amazon, its called Dubai: For the Indian Traveler. The book has received very good reviews. So if you guys feel the need to check that out, here’s a link:

Dubai: For the Indian Traveller

I do want to say that I am by no means trying to demean any person or organisation. 

Annnndddd that’s it for today!




11 thoughts on “Honest Dubai Trip Review

  1. Hi

    Great post! Thanks you so much for the share. It is indeed a helpful one. I am looking forward of reading more blog post with the similar topic as this one. Here is my link Dubai Review I’m sure it is completely relate your topic

    Good luck and more power.


    1. Thank you 😀
      That was the aim, because so many people were describing Dubai a brilliant holiday destination with mind blowing places to visit…..and I had all these hopes when I went to Dubai. I came back so disappointed! I was furious that I wasted so much money on something that was a rather mediocre experience!
      So I really wanted everyone to know this part of Dubai too…

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  2. I completely agree about the Burj Khalifa !! It’s such a waste to pay that much. We thought we’d atleast buy the professional photos they clicked up there but, that too was SOO over priced. My dessert safari experience was good only because, it was actually my cousins sangeet function so they arranged everything.

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