Honest Dubai Trip Review

Helloooooooooooo, I hope you are having an amazing day! Today's post is going to be slightly different. Very recently I visited Dubai. I really enjoyed this trip. But I enjoyed it more because of the people I was with, than because of all the places we visited. The main aim of this post is to … Continue reading Honest Dubai Trip Review


Em’s Essentials

I have a very cool (< she likes being called that) office going aunt who loves the corporate world. Recently she asked me to put together a post which spoke about makeup essentials for office going women. And while I was collecting data for that, in the most dramatic way, as if in a Bollywood … Continue reading Em’s Essentials

The One Word Tag

Suprabhat (< Hindi for good morning) everyone!! 🌞 Reading and writing about the same thing again and again can get a tiny bit boring. I mean so far, in all of my posts all I have been saying is: "Do this....this is good for your skin!" "Do that.....that is good for your hair!" "This here … Continue reading The One Word Tag

Tiny Update

Evening everyone :* I hope you've had a wonderful wonderful day! This week has been very special for me and there are two reasons to this. One, OVER A HUNDRED OF YOU ARE READING THIS! What? WHAT?! A Hundred?!?? Haw! Hundred 😱😱 Obviously this is mind blowing, I am genuinely grateful for each and every … Continue reading Tiny Update