My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine, malvikasessentials

Here I am listening to Taylor Swift's Bad Blood, mouthing the lyrics and rocking my head (she looks so fierce in the video, gosh), and thinking: why not type down my Skincare routine?! Since the second edition to Em's Essentials is taking FOREVER, I might as well tell you what all I slap on my … Continue reading My Skincare Routine


Em’s Essentials: Office Edition

Morning (its past midnight, so technically its morning)! Today's post will be the first post under the series 'Em's Essentials.' I have explained the entire theme and reason behind this series here, so you can go check that out! I will be kick starting the series with the Office Edition. So working women, pay attention! … Continue reading Em’s Essentials: Office Edition

Em’s Essentials

I have a very cool (< she likes being called that) office going aunt who loves the corporate world. Recently she asked me to put together a post which spoke about makeup essentials for office going women. And while I was collecting data for that, in the most dramatic way, as if in a Bollywood … Continue reading Em’s Essentials

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

Good afternooooonn you wonderful human being! I am particularly happy today for absolutely no reason at all! You should be too, because why not? Happiness is contagious. So as you are reading this post and smiling, somebody else's mood has just lightened by looking at that beautiful smile of yours!  And then maybe we can … Continue reading REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

The One Word Tag

Suprabhat (< Hindi for good morning) everyone!! 🌞 Reading and writing about the same thing again and again can get a tiny bit boring. I mean so far, in all of my posts all I have been saying is: "Do this....this is good for your skin!" "Do that.....that is good for your hair!" "This here … Continue reading The One Word Tag

Tiny Update

Evening everyone :* I hope you've had a wonderful wonderful day! This week has been very special for me and there are two reasons to this. One, OVER A HUNDRED OF YOU ARE READING THIS! What? WHAT?! A Hundred?!?? Haw! Hundred 😱😱 Obviously this is mind blowing, I am genuinely grateful for each and every … Continue reading Tiny Update

Vitamin E Oil and how to use it:

Morning! Morning! Morning! I've been away and holidaying. Today I am at a beautiful hill station to the north of India. Sitting in balcony of my hotel, my legs stretched in front of me, to where I can see only a valley full of tress and no other crap; I thought it would be a … Continue reading Vitamin E Oil and how to use it:

How I deal with crazy Hair

I do not know how to emphasise enough on the fact that my hair is crazy. There are three things that give rise to this craziness: I have loads of hair - I am not complaining about this, just saying it adds to the craziness My hair texture is not the most cooperating. I have two … Continue reading How I deal with crazy Hair

My TOP 10 Nail Polish picks for this Summer

My TOP 10 Nail Polish picks for this Summer

I am a Nail Polish addict. For me, they are those items in the store that if I see, I want. They are harmless little bottles of cuteness. I see no reason why I should leave behind a bottle I see on the store shelf, when it is screaming "Take me home! Take me home!" … Continue reading My TOP 10 Nail Polish picks for this Summer

How to thread your own Eyebrows:

How to thread your own Eyebrows, Tutorial, At home, Easy, Beginner, malvikasessentials, malvika

Before I started doing my eyebrows, my dad's genes gifted me his monobrow. I had thick bushy eyebrows which were quite difficult to work with. Having a monobrow means you cannot go more than three days without doing your brows. Else you end up looking like a woman with green sketch pen marks in the … Continue reading How to thread your own Eyebrows: